Sonos Blog | Sonos

Sonos Blog | Sonos


Challenge: Tell the real Sonos story and change how the brand shows up online.

Context: Sonos is a brand that cares about more than just their product; they are a brand inspired by the role of music in our lives. 

Solution: Completely revamping the Sonos Blog. By redesigning the old blog and reshaping its editorial goals, the strategic focus of the site has shifted towards real stories about employees, music in culture and who Sonos is as a brand.

My role: Content Strategist. I developed the new editorial pillars for the Sonos Blog and drove content planning and creation, distribution strategies, and integration opportunities for ongoing storytelling. | Ricoh, USA, Inc. | Ricoh, USA, Inc.


Challenge: Increase awareness of Ricoh's new key messaging.

Context: Ricoh has moved from a hardware company to one that also provides IT services, but the brand is still most recognized for its printers and copiers.

Solution:,  a content hub that establishes Ricoh as a thought leader in the IT services space and provides potential customers with helpful articles and resources that are relevant to their unique business needs.

My role: Managing Editor. I worked across disciplines with the content production, editorial, design, analytics, advertising and marketing strategy teams to ensure daily content was optimized and performing against KPIs. 


Music Makes it Home | Sonos & Apple

Music Makes it Home | Sonos & Apple


Challenge: Amplify the news value of Apple's streaming music service being released on Sonos. 

Context: Although millions of us have immediate streaming access to all of the world's music at the tap of a screen, we often forget the shared joy of listening to music out loud, together. 

Solution: Conduct a study around the world that shows the qualitative and quantitative effects of listening to music out loud in the home, and use the findings to announce Apple Music launching on Sonos.

My role: Editorial Lead. I was part of the team that wrote the Music Makes it Home report, taking raw data and anecdotal results from the study and turning them into a digital report. This was distributed to target a audiences and used by media, helping drive earned coverage of the campaign. | Ribera del Duero y Rueda Wines | Ribera del Duero y Rueda Wines


Challenge: Increase awareness of Ribera and Rueda wines among millennial drinkers in the U.S. market.

Context: Despite the approachable price point and sommelier-worthy taste of Ribera del Duero and Rueda Spanish wines, when people in the U.S. think "Spanish wine," they don't think Ribera and Rueda. 

Solution: Educate the U.S. market by launching, a site featuring a library of wines from the region, ecommerce opportunities and an editorial program with lifestyle stories, winemaker profiles and chef and sommelier perspectives. 

My role: Writer and Editor. I helped launch the site in the U.S. by creating a variety of content pieces, including interviews with sommeliers and profiles of the winemakers across the vineyards in Spain, to appeal to an American audience and start users down a purchase funnel. 

2016 U.S. Cannes Young Lions Competition
In the winter of 2016, I was selected to represent Weber Shandwick in the Cannes Lions Cyber case competition, a challenge to young professionals to take two weeks to develop a promotional campaign for a charity. 

Click here to view my submission.