Amy Henson’s Writer’s Evolution: Annotated Bibliography

First-year writing requirement course:
1. Divine Intervention in Homer’s The Iliad
(this piece is very “academic” and uses a lot of language that makes me laugh when looking back…I guess I thought I was soooo smart then…)

The gateway course (WRITING 200):
2. Why Writing Matters (This piece also serves as the intro to my gateway ePortfolio and provides a glimpse into who I am as a writer.)

An Upper-Level Writing Requirement course in your concentration:
English 325:
3. Mama (This is a personal essay about my grandmother and the effects of her dementia…as well as a profile of her well-lived life. It is also one of my favorite pieces of writing I have ever written.)
English 325:
4. A Day at the Fair (This is a comic personal essay about my experience at the career fair and why it sucked. I also really loved this piece.)

A second Upper-Level Writing Requirement course in your concentration or another field
Writing 300:
5. One-on-One Tutoring vs. the Workshop: What Tutoring Creative Writing Can Offer the Writing Center (This is an academic look at the importance of creative writing and how the writing center her at U of M can address working with creative writers. Having an essay that talks about writing feels very meta to me…not sure if I will ultimately want to keep this.)

An English department course (ENG 225, ENG 229, or ENG 325) 
or a 3-credit New Media writing course (WRITING 200).
Writing 200:

6. Photo Essay; interpretation of “Tea at the Palaz of Hoon” by Wallace Stevens (This is one of several photo essays that I may want to feature from my Writing 200 class last semester.)

Writing that was produced outside of coursework
(from a job, a personal blog post, creative writing, a letter to the editor, etc.)

7. In Defense of Pasta (This is an early post of mine from, an online food magazine that I am the EIC of.)

8. Boyfriend (A creative riff of Jamaica Kincaid’s Girl and a piece I have always really liked.)
9. An Ode to Oil, Fast Cars and Freedom (A satire about environmental ignorance…this was super fun to write.)
10. My Concept of Reality (This is from one of the most mind-opening classes I have taken at U of M, and highlights my thoughts on reality at the time I wrote it (as a freshman))