Jack Donaghy's Guide to Manhood

For this creative assignment, I took an academic paper on male stereotypes in NBC's 30 Rock from my freshman year communications course and completely re-purposed it for a new audience. In the original piece, I argued that Tina Fey created the character Jack Donaghy to provide a laughably unrealistic stereotype of the hegemonic male that actually works to break down expectations that such a man can exist in reality.

With this re-purposed piece, I am exploring Jack's unrealistic and comically over-the-top expectations of manhood by embodying his voice in a "Guide to Manhood." While my original paper was for an academic audience, this comic piece is styled towards a wider, more pop-culture-minded audience, like the readers of The New Yorker.

Click to read: Jack Donaghy's Guide to Manhood

An Audio-Visual Examination of 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy

This assignment is a continuation of the re-purposing project featured above; I was later assigned to take my previously re-purposed piece and re-mediate it using a new media form. In order to make my argument about manhood more accessible in a digital space, I decided to mix some over-the-top Jack Donaghy quotes with my own analysis via voice-over in a video format. I was particularly inspired by Anita Sarkeesian's Feminist Frequency videos.

The goal? To reach new audiences by going beyond the print academic essay. The result? The following video: